Inter Club Carnivals

Throughout the Athletics season, various clubs in NSW host Carnivals and Gala Days.  These events are open to both LANSW and/or ANSW registered athletes depending on the Club that is hosting the Carnival. Most Club Carnivals are held on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday with the occasional Carnival being run over both days.  Usually, 4-8 events are available with some carnivals being specifically multi-events, where athletes must compete in all the events on offer.

Preliminary information for all these events can be found in the Calendar of Events, under the Competition tab on the ANSW website.  

The ANSW winter calendar of events is live and can be found here

Should any Balmain athlete wish to compete, please register directly with the hosting club.  Kim Gane / Tim Batho are usually available to answer questions on a Saturday morning at the Little Athletics weekly competition.

Good luck to any of our athletes that choose to test themselves at these very friendly competition days.  Please let us know how you get on.

For further information contact:  or